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Al Sharpton calling for a change in Washington and an end to Selfies.

Random white people interviewed about Mandela’s Death.

Johannesburg, South Africa (SA) - The Reverend Al Sharpton slammed Barack Obama for his "[lack of] etiquette" and "shameful disrespect" during the memorial services of Nelson Mandela, the late South African civil rights leader.

Mr. Sharpton was referring to the now-infamous "selfie" taken by The President grinning broadly while leaning in to pose with Prime Ministers Helle Thorning-Schmidt of Denmark and David Cameron of Britain. Michelle Obama can be seen in the photo glaring sternly into the distance. A "selfie" is a type of self-photograph, usually using a camera-phone.

"An appalling breach of presidential etiquette." Mr. Sharpton was quoted as saying. "If Nelson Mandela meant that much to him, he would never have been out there joking around and taking pictures with white politicians." The Reverend Sharpton is no stranger to Obama criticism. In 2007, during an interview with Keith Murphy of Vibe magazine, Mr. Sharpton said: "I don’t assume that just because somebody’s my color, they’re my kind. But I’m warming up to Obama, but I’m not there yet." Clearly, the president is still unproven to the reverend.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, who was absent from the services, could not be reached for comment but a source close to Jackson state that a Million Man March was being planned to protest the Presidential Selfie. "He’s the President Of The United States" the source said, "He needs to be held to a higher standard than the rest of these suburban kids taking selfies with their duck-face." In his defense, the President was captured smiling broadly and not making a duck-face.

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