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Sunday, December, 1 2013 Posted: 2:50 PM EST (1250 GMT)

Paris Hilton back in jail; set to appear on Larry King

Beverly Hills, CA (HLN) – The city plans to institute a fine this summer on vehicles it views as eyesores, which has upset many local residents.

"It's bad enough that police constantly hassle us," says Heriberto Orallana, a food service worker on Rodeo Drive, "but now they will have the right to give us tickets just for having rust spots."

DuPrawn Jackson, a parking valet at the restaurant Koi, agrees. "I park the best cars all day long, and now the police will ticket me as I drive home from work. It’s just plain wrong. I can't afford a new car on what I make."

However, supporters of the fine disagree: "We're fed up with all the beaters in our neighborhoods," says Hyman Rubinski, a local homeowner. "We don't allow big trucks on our streets, why should we allow ugly vehicles?"

The plan, if passed, will allow police to ticket poorly maintained vehicles on residential streets. Critics say that the fine would be unconstitutional.

The city council is expected to vote on August 1st.

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