A Workbridge scammer apologizes for the harm he has caused

Every Candidate I've Screwed,
Every Hiring Manager I've Fooled Any Co., USA; Especially Chicago
Any Street
Anytown, esp. Chicago, USA

Dear Candidates and “Clients,”

My name is Daniel McGuigan and I am the reason people hate recruiters.

Like other entry-level sales shysters, recruiters work in a profession without any barrier to entry, no accountability and few consequences for bad behavior. Even realtors have to pass a test whereas all one has to do to be a Workbridge caliber recruiter is troll a job board and submit the scrapings found to an unknown hiring authority. This no-cost paradigm enables companies like my employer Motion Recruitment Partners (parent of Workbridge, Jobspring, Boylston Group, Techie Gold, Atlantis Partners, MacArthur Associates, Napier Partners, and Remington International) to operate their boiler rooms for years without anyone being wiser. Save for a name change every decade (Stride & Associates became Motion Recruitment Partners) the benefits of extracting value from recruitment vastly outweigh the costs of a change in corporate letterhead.

But it isn’t all my fault.

Motion Recruitment Partners has refined and institutionalized the Boston Bullshit Banter into an art-form that sucks in young, aspiring sales wannabes and corrupts them to operate at a level of dishonesty that borders on the psychopathic. The RA-RA showmanship and boiler rooms in which we operate parallel completely with the one in the eponymous movie. The truth is that the employees of the Workbridge (et. al.) pedigree are to recruiters exactly what the con-artists of fictional JT Marlin were to stockbrokers. We serve ourselves, not candidates or clients.

Imagine what other companies hide under so thick a veil of divisional opacity? Usually those who operate on the fringes of legality or the far wrong side of public opinion. But to go to the trouble of a parent company name-change? As one of our many victims pointed out: Blackwater, Philip Morris and Standard Oil of New Jersey had great cause to change their names due to overwhelming scrutiny by every facet of society. But they sell cancer in a paper tube or torture prisoners or choke baby seals with liquid hydrocarbons. What malfeasance can a silly firm full of glorified telemarketers have done that would require such a tactic? The truth is that the damage done by the Stride and Associates “brand” became so overwhelming that Motion Recruitment Partners was born. The name changed. But not the scummy tactics. No need to mess with a good thing – for the executives.

But before you fire off your missive to daniel.mcguigan@workbridgeassociates.com please remember that I’m a victim too. As most gatherers of human capital for the illicit and immoral, Motion Recruitment Partners found me early. I was told that I had great potential in the world of “sales” since I had outstanding customer-facing experience working at a Rhode Island Hot Dog Stand. I was told I could make money. I was told that I could make a difference. The difference I have made was indeed subtractive. Just as David Belsky and other “seniors” in our family, I have learned to coach my young disciples in the ways of executive dishonesty. The tactics are quite simple and have been refined through years of immoral operation.

  1. Scour job boards for new postings.

  2. Scour candidates on various sites like Monster, LinkedIn and Dice.

  3. Spray and Pray. In the SPAM, mention that you are working WITH the hiring manager for a given job post even though the manager has never heard of you.

  4. Ask any candidate who responds for a resume.

  5. Send the resume to the hiring manager in the hopes of baiting him/her.

  6. Ask candidate to come in for "interview."

  7. During "interview" ask for references and other places they are interviewing and the names of the hiring managers. Focus on getting as many names as possible.

  8. Contact every name the candidate/victim exposes to scour for new business and to send unsolicited resumes.

And that is the Workbridge ballgame in a nutshell. When I was starting out, I never realized the damage I was doing to the candidates especially but also to the hiring companies. Some smaller firms may be afraid of litigation if they hire a candidate whom we submitted prior even though we did so unsolicited. Candidates who are otherwise a perfect fit for a position may be denied just because we fooled them into giving their credentials and put our logo (and our fee) atop the resume.

Forgive me candidates, for I have sinned. Forgive me those whom I have cost jobs. And most of all, forgive me you next generation of youngsters whom I have perverted into thinking that the Workbridge / Jobspring / Motion Recruitment Partners’ way of doing business is acceptable. Truth is that we know that most of you will fail and move on to other things so instead of building you into a productive corporate citizen, we extract as much value out of you as your short-term employment can possibly afford.

I, and the other practice "leaders" were all abused by our management back when we were young and starting, and like so many victims of abuse, we grew up to become abusers ourselves. It’s too late for me but I very much hope you can break the cycle now. Before Motion Recruitment Partners changes names again and starts abusing a whole new generation of young people.


Daniel McGuigan

As a special bonus, here you can find a list of current Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners. If you are a candidate, NEVER send anyone your resume and if you are a hiring manager, NEVER work with anyone you find here. You will be sorry.