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Wednesday, June, 26 2007 Posted: 2:50 PM EST (1250 GMT)

Paris Hilton: I'm in love with Slippy Jenkins.

Cupertino, CA (HLN) – Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is accusing Apple Inc. and AT&T of using the iPhone to distract attention from his new movie “Sicko”, which opens in US theaters on the same day the hyped phone goes on sale.

“This is an appalling display of greed and jealousy,” said Moore after a recent screening of his new movie. “Apple and AT&T obviously don’t care about fixing America’s healthcare system. They only care about how many iPhones they’re going to sell.”

Moore’s film criticizes the American medical establishment and suggests that it’s time for the country to consider a universal health system such as those in Cuba, France and Britain.

In a speech to reporters, Michael Moore blasted Apple CEO and longtime Democrat Steve Jobs for not postponing the iPhone’s launch until after his movie is released.

“I don’t see how Steve Jobs can call himself a ‘liberal’ and then try to silence my film,” said Moore. “Americans should be learning about our corrupt healthcare system on Friday, but instead they’re going to be lining up for a silly $600 dollar gadget.”

Apple may sell as many as 200,000 iPhones in the product's first two days on the market after sales begin at 6 p.m. Friday and as many as 3 million in the second half of the year, according to the most optimistic analyst estimates.

The “Sicko” director also accused former Vice President Al Gore, who sits on the board of directors at Apple Inc., of trying to steer people away from the film.

"Al Gore has a vested self-interest in making sure my film isn’t seen by the public,” said Moore.” Not only will he profit if people spend their money on iPhones instead of my film, he also doesn’t want my documentary to overshadow his crusade against global warming.”

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